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About BAIT Radio

BAIT Radio is an online radio station featuring music of every genre, talk, callers via Skype, competitions, interviews with bands and lots of interaction. We are different from other stations - we are very interactive and have an active IRC (Internet Relay Chat) community, and there's music that you won't hear anywhere else.

The radio team here at BAIT Radio consists of a talented selection of DJs and presenters, some of whom will be familiar from other stations. We look to recruit and bring you talented radio personalities that can entertain listeners not just through playing music, but also by talking, being humourous, taking callers, accepting requests, and running competitions.

One of the best things about BAIT Radio is the level of interaction. All of our DJs and presenters are easily accessible via our Chatroom during broadcasts, making it easy for listeners to express their opinions in real-time, or to request songs and make shoutouts. Many of our shows also offer extra methods of contact, including Skype for those presenters that accept live callers during their shows.

BAIT Radio has a well-organised schedule. All of our shows air weekly at a specific time, meaning you'll always know when to tune in to your favourite broadcasters. Throughout the week you can hear everything from mainstream pop music, to various types of dance and rock music, to lesser-known indie and easy listening. You'll also hear tracks from bands (some of which are unsigned) that we specifically work with to promote their music to a wider audience.

Our shows include established, long-running broadcasts, as well as a frequent stream of fresh new programming from new presenters and DJs.

When we don't have a presenter on-air, we bring you non-stop music via our AutoDJ system. It's possible to request songs during these hours from our music library via the website, meaning that you can hear your favourite tracks at any time of the day!

The current incarnation of BAIT Radio launched in June 2014. Previously, we operated under the name ClanBase Radio from 2008 to 2014 being a part of the gaming league ClanBase, and before that as CBroadcast.

Our radio station is available to listen to in all media players, including Winamp, iTunes, Foobar2000, Windows Media Player, BSPlayer, RealPlayer, and VLC Media Player. We also offer an online flash player for those who prefer to listen in their browser, meaning it's never impossible to listen to BAIT Radio! Visit our listen page for tune-in instructions.

Finally, we're pleased to tell you that BAIT Radio is 100% commercial free - You'll only hear great music and great entertainment from us, without the spam!

Enjoy the music and all of our great content, and thanks for tuning in!

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