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Privacy Policy


When using the BAIT Radio website, we (the BAIT Radio crew) will collect information about you, which includes the information you enter when registering your account and subscribing to newsletters.

This information is used to allow the website to function properly and to enhance your website experience, specifically:

Account specific information

The following information is only collected for users signed up to the website.

By creating an account you accept to have the following information collected.

Should you want the information deleted, you can at any time send an email to asking for your account to be removed.

  • E-mail address

    A valid e-mail address is required to sign up to the website and will be used as the user's username when logging into the website.

    It will also be used for delivery of website notifications, private messages and restoring your password in the event that you would forget it.

    Finally, the e-mail address will also be used to communicate changes to the privacy policy.

    Our policy is to never reveal registered users' e-mail addresses to other regular visitors of the website, and they will never be shared with a third party.

    The BAIT Radio crew reserves the right to see users' e-mail addresses.

  • Name and Date of Birth

    While not required, you have the option to enter your name and date of birth.

    This will be displayed to other users on the website to help them find you easier.

    Your name or date of birth is never verified, and can be changed or removed by the user at any time.

Other information

The following information is collected from any visitor of the site. It is collected independently, and not merged or profiled with any other personal data.

  • IP address

    We collect the visitors' IP addresses in order to build website statistics based on unique website hits.

    An IP address is something that uniquely identifies a user's computer, and by using this piece of information we can make sure that even if the same user visits the site several times a day, it's still only recorded as one visit in the statistics.

    While the aggregated statistics might be revealed to the public, individual IP addresses will never be, and are also never shared with a third party.


Cookies are small text files sent from a web server (such as that of to your browser whenever you visit a website. They are either saved or rejected, depending on your browser settings.

Saved cookies allow servers to identify your computer. This means that during return visits and when using password-protected areas of the website, you can avoid the hassle of repeatedly entering the same data.

In short, cookies make it easier to browse websites which require manual data input.

We use cookies to help shape our website and streamline the user experience. They help us understand user preferences.

Please be advised that enabling cookies is recommended for the best user experience and full site functionality. Nonetheless, cookies can be disabled via your browser settings if you wish.

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