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Rock Explorer is an interactive show in which the audience is highly involved. The show features lots of talking by the host, discussions of popular topics at the time, and, of course, a lot of amazing rock, rock 'n roll and metal music.

The primary objective of the show is to highlight the great classics of the rock music and discover (or explore!) new stars and their masterpieces in the genre. Next to the regular requests from the playlist, on the show it is also possible to request songs that are new to the host. That way it's possible to discover new music together - on the fly!

At often times, we will dedicate an entire show to review the life and musical career of one of the artists within the genre of rock, rock n roll or metal (and their sub-genres). If you have any suggestions about which artist we could review - then don't hesitate to speak up!

If you tune in, DEFINITELY join our chatroom or reach out to the host Live via the request page!

NB! If you missed the show live, you can listen to a replay every week on Sundays at 16:00 CET.

NB! Have a song request that you'd like me to play on the next show? I'll gladly do so! Send me a message here and I'll make you happy! ;)

Main Features

  • Variety in music (same artist gets played only once per show)
  • Facts about the music we play (release dates, background on artists and songs, ...)
  • Requests (everybody gets at least 1 request played)
  • Occasional artist review
  • Talking about topics popular / in the news today
  • Occasional shocker song concept

The Final Show - 10/10/2018

The final edition for your weekly rock radio show - October 10th @ 19:00 CET
Read more | Posted on October 4th, 2018
Traditionally, at the end of the year we hosted the Rock of the Year show and made some conclusions...
Read more | Posted on December 21st, 2017

Today's Rock Explorer featured one guest band and an Estonian heavy metal band. We spoke about national days, discussed music of Bon Jovi and had some good fun! Below is a recap.

  • Requests on this show included Ugly Kid Joe, Halford (kate), Pantera (paulesco), Oscar's House (Ravenheart), Guns N' Roses (EricHogue) and Black Sabbath (Aphrodisiomanic).
  • My own choices were two songs from the band KilliT that reached out to BAIT Radio for airplay (see video below). In addition to that, the show featured songs from Estonian heavy metal band Psychiatric Ward, NEWST∃D, Stereoside & Kingdom Come.
    • Which one did you like most? Vote in the poll below!
  • We shared some thoughts and emotions from Monday's Three Days Grace concert that I and Kate attended.
  • Today was the National Bikini Day, but more importantly, the National Apple Turnover Day - in relation to July 4th celebrations in the US.
  • Next week there's no Rock Explorer. We're going to vacation in France, so see you on Wednesday July 19th!

Listeners in the chatroom: kate_, CoD|Avi, EricHogue, paulesco, Aphrodisiomanic, Ravenheart, SLAIN|TV

P.S. Missed the show? Listen to a replay on Sunday, July 9th at 16:00 CET

Read more | Posted on July 5th, 2017

It's the official beginning of summer today - June 21st - according to our calendars! :) While western part of Europe is suffering from a heat wave, it's not so hot here in the North-East... However, this doesn't stop us from rocking 'n rolling! Here's what Rock Explorer featured this time:

  • Today's requests featured artists such as Alice Cooper, Megadeth (Kate), Days of Jupiter (rx), In This Moment (EricHogue) and Gram Parsons (paulesco).
  • As per usual, I brought you plenty of new discoveries of mine including songs by Five Finger Death Punch (see video below) and some Aussie bands like Airbourne, The Dead Daisies and Dead City Ruins.
  • We spoke about the fantastic Rammstein concert that myself and Kate attended on June 11th. They were supported by a Swedish band called "Mustasch" whom we also played on the show.
  • This Friday we'll also attend one festival (while it's midsummer holiday in Estonia) and will see The Rasmus live!
  • Spoke about a 128-year-old man from Argentina who claims to be Adolf Hitler. LOL. Read the article here.
  • Today, among other things, was the National Selfie Day - have you taken one yet??!

Listeners in the chatroom: kate_, CoD|Avi, rx, EricHogue, Banez, paulesco, Znurre

P.S. Missed the show? Listen to a replay on Sunday, June 25th at 16:00 CET

Read more | Posted on June 21st, 2017

We're about to enter the summer season - today's the last day of May! We were glad to say hello to a few listeners that haven't been around in ages, played multiple requests received over the week and had some fun discussions in our chatroom. Have a look:

  • Requests tonight mostly featured American artists: Halestorm & Godsmack (kate's requests), Suicidal Tendencies & Device (EricHogue's requests), Foo Fighters & Sheryl Crow (paulesco's requests), Finger Eleven & 30 Seconds To Mars (K2tlin's requests), Lenny Kravitz (Merson's request), Guano Apes (Avi's request) and Nemesea requested by rx.
    • As usual, requests came with their stories. For example, we learned that the Halestorm's song today ("Straight Through the Heart") was a cover of Dio's original song, and it totally sounded like it. We also recognized Disturbed's vocalist's voice in the song of Device; this, apparently, was a sideproject of David Draiman.
  • I also tried to show some new stuff this week and some of my selections were Canadian bands Killer Dwarfs (see video below) and Loverboy, American bands 38 Special, Stone Temple Pilots and Lizzy Borden, and a new personal discovery of a song by Airbourne.
    • Which one did you like most? Vote in the poll below!
  • We had an interesting discussion about live concerts and gigs coming up this summer. Will you attend any? Vote in the poll on the right!
  • Today was the National Save Your Hearing Day. :) Youngsters, don't listen to music on max volume!

Listeners in the chatroom: kate_, twisty, Klompz, PackJam, Merson, CoD|Avi, rx, SLAIN|TV, EricHogue, paulesco

P.S. Missed the show? Listen to a replay on Sunday, June 4th at 16:00 CET

Read more | Posted on May 31st, 2017

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