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Chatroom Behaviour Guidelines

Behaviour in Chat

BAIT Radio has been around (in one form or another) for many years. We have always been proud of our mature and wonderful audience. In an attempt to maintain a friendly atmosphere we would like to offer some advice.

The whole point of having an interactive station is to be able to hang out with our listeners and to create a place for them to get together and have fun. Obviously the main reason for our live shows is music and that is also what we discuss, most of the time. We love encouraging discussion about artists, genres and particular tracks. Our DJs along with our community enjoy a variety of musical tastes. Unfortunately, where there are differences, arguments may occur. It is not really our place to interfere too much, as long as no one is being offensive. We would, however, appreciate you considering the following:

  1. Everyone's entitled to having their own taste.
  2. Everyone's entitled to expressing their own taste and sharing their favourite songs.
  3. As much as we cannot forbid anyone to call an artist talentless, boring, cheesy, lame, generic, repetitive, annoying etc., we ask that you refrain from criticising other people's tastes. There is nothing wrong with expressing a dislike towards an artist. We would, however, ask you to consider and respect other listeners' feelings.

Using !choon & !cheese

Throughout our existence we've had two easy commands in the chat that can be used to express your feelings about the song being played at that time.These commands are not meant to offend anyone in any way and are purely fun-based. Using these commands also helps to build a general approval rating of the track, so that we can see how popular the track has been amongst our audience over time.

  • Use !choon when you personally like the currently playing track and want to let the others know that you're fond of it.
  • Use !cheese when you personally don't like the currently playing track for one reason or another. This command is not meant to express hate or anger and should not offend anyone nor provoke an argument.

Everybody is entitled to an opinion. Using !choon and !cheese is allowed and is in fact encouraged. We are always looking to get feedback about the music we play so we can be sure of pleasing our audience in the future.

Let the music connect us! :)

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