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Like any other non-profit project, BAIT Radio also needs some funds to keep working and providing even better service.

Having existed since 2008 (previously as ClanBase Radio), we are asking our listeners to chip in a little in order for us to be able to bring you some new music, jingles, prizes and more!

We can guarantee that the money we receive will be used for the good of the station and you might notice some changes yourself!

Any amount you donate would be highly appreciated, be it just €1 or more. Any help is welcome and thanks to You we hope to keep providing free of charge service further as well!

If you feel you're ready to support your favourite radio station, please click the button below.


- The BAIT Radio Team

Proud supporters: *

  • Apoc
  • Clix Wolf
  • Doorman
  • Drakir
  • DrZizi
  • Edwin
  • Enya
  • eQue
  • EricHogue
  • Etanol
  • hohlfritte
  • iozzo
  • Jazzy
  • Jessie
  • Madcherry
  • Pieter
  • Ravenheart
  • Rickardur
  • RiddicK
  • SlashLife
  • Smeed
  • Sydney
  • twisty
  • WikY

* Note: The supporters are listed in alphabetical order; first names were used when unsure about their nicknames.

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