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BAIT Radio - Hooked On Music!
Show host Bober
Airing day Saturday
Airing time 20:00 – 22:00 CET
Genres Folk, Country, Rock
Original run 2014-2015
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Join us on a journey down the rarely driven Dusty Road. Along the Dusty Road we shall meet plenty of musicians who don't get to be shown along the highway. That is, less known artists and bands, but nevertheless good.

Tune in for a selection of rock, folk and country tunes. Each week I'm bringing you some new music from all over the world, that you probably haven't heard before.

From banjo to bagpipes with plenty guitars thrown in, there's always something new waiting for you along the corner. And to add to the variety, expect a bit of metal, punk or pop, as well as an odd song of other genre thrown in to spice it up a little bit.

Every once in a while, I also air two specials shows. One is called Dusty Road at Night, where I play only ambient music. Aimed at all the insomniacs to help them fall asleep or just anyone who wishes to chill out. The other is Acid Road, with psytrance and Goa trance live in the mix. The two shows usually don't air at same time as normal Dusty Road show, but at a random time slot; check the schedule regularly!

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