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Poll: Most comfortable winter temperature is...

Most comfortable winter temperature is...
Above +10 °C (50 °F)
+5...+10 °C (41...50 °F)
0...+5 °C (32...41 °F)
-5...0 °C (23...32 °F)
-10...-5 °C (14...23 °F)
Below -10 °C (14 °F)
Total votes: 20
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Comments (6)
I think -27 or -17 or -7 are all good
Decl..No, anything but - 27°C..
-26 and -28 is all good with the right gear, but not -27 °C. I have mentioned it before.
I came from a country with tropical climate but i honestly do not like the heat. -6 and sunny is too hot for me already specially if im walking outside. so -15 to -25 is fine with me
How about -27 °C?
If it's above 10, something's very wrong with the weather. It's also no winter if there's no snow, so below zero it must be. Then, I don't like cold all that much, so -5 sounds about right.
It depends: above +10 and sunny, when I’m driving; -5...0 °C when I’m building a snowman or going on a sleigh ride; below -10 °C when I go for a walk with the possibility to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate later.
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