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13/04/16 Shakra Review

On April 13th we took a look at a Swiss hard rock & heavy metal band Shakra. Here's a recap!

  • The band was formed in 1997 after having played as "Ruckus" between 1990 and 1997.
  • Through their career they've had 3 different lead vocalists and released a total of 10 studio albums:
    With Pete Wiedmer
    • Shakra (1998) (Notable: "The Devil in Me")
    • Moving Force (1999) (Notable: "Nothing to Lose", "Stranger")
    • Power Ride (2001) (Notable: "Out in the Rain", "A Dollar Too Much", "Why Don't You Call Me")
    With Mark Fox
    • Rising (2003) (Notable: "Now or Never", "Rising High", "Done Me Wrong")
    • Fall (2005) (Notable: "Chains of Temptation")
    • Infeceted (2007) (Notable: "Make Your Day", "Cardiophobia")
    • Everest (2009) (Notable: "Ashes to Ashes")
    With John Prakesh
    • Back on Track (2011) (Notable: "MMTWGR")
    • Powerplay (2013) (Notable: "Life Is Now", "Save You from Yourself")
    And since Mark Fox's return, their current latest album
    • High Noon (2016) (Notable: "High Noon", "Watch Me Burn", "Hello")
  • Some more notable appearances of Shakra include touring around with HammerFall and Stratovarius through 12 different countries, supporting Iron Maiden on the known Swiss "Spirit of Rock" festival and hosting a big show in Z├╝rich along with Guns N' Roses in 2006.
  • The band has been widely compared to the German power metal band Edguy.
  • Trivia: The song "Chains of Temptation" had a controversial video clip which showed how singer Mark Fox gave himself a heroin injection. Though when I watched the video, I saw some girl giving herself an injection, not Mark Fox. What's up with that?
  • At the time of hosting this show, Shakra was represented in BAIT Radio TOP10 with two songs from their latest album: "High Noon" and "Watch Me Burn", thus proving to be popular among our listeners as well!

Listeners in the chatroom: K2tlin, Znurre, Nattfare, CoD|Avi, EricHogue, eQue, SLAIN|TV
Also listening: Thomas

P.S. Missed the show? Listen to a replay on Sunday, April 17th at 15:00 CET

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Posted on April 13th, 2016

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