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TP 2016/02/18

Yet another week's show is over.
This time around we listened to a number of songs which had their symphonic elements in common.
We listened to a lot of OSTs from games and movies, and also listened through the last 2 movements from Jordan Rudess Explorations album.

01. 小林秀聡 - Phantasy Star Online OPENING THEME ~ The whole new world~ (Lyric Version)
02. 近藤浩治 - The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Medley
03. Kai Rosenkranz - Vista Point (Request by eQue)
04. TAMUSIC - 冬の抜錨!
05. Christian Baczyk - Run Or Die (Request by eQue)
06. Jake Kaufman - Title Theme
07. Audiomachine - Solace (Request by eQue)
08. Fairyland - Rise Of The Giants
09. E.S. posthumus - Unstoppable (Request by eQue)
10. Jordan Rudess - Second Movement
11. Bear McCreary - Bloodshed (Request by MePH)
12. 小林秀聡 - Save This World ~Orchestra Version~
13. John Murphy - In the House - In a Heartbeat (Request by eQue)
14. 近藤浩治 - The Wind Waker Symphonic Movement
15. Christian Bruhn - Trauriger Silas (Request by MePH)
16. Jake Kaufman - Sir William (the Ghost Knight)
17. John Williams - Episode I - Duel of The Fates (Request by eQue)
18. 前田龍之 - Opening Theme
19. Jordan Rudess - Third Movement
20. Les Friction - World on Fire (Request by eQue)
21. TAMUSIC - 海上護衛戦
22. Joseph LoDuca - Spartacus End Titles (Request by MePH)
23. Jake Kaufman - Forest - Treetops
24. 近藤浩治 - Ballad of the Goddess from Skyward Sword

Listeners in the chatroom: Decl, Banez, eQue, enya, MePH, Kwarf, emZ, DNA|Ghost, Nattfare, EricHogue

For next week, you have 3 possible themes to choose from.

1. Denpa

Did you like the denpa songs you heard on my Japan themed show, or did you miss the show and want to know what this genre is all about?
Do you want over-the-top cheesy vocals, colorful and happy melodies with wacky lyrics?
Then this theme is for you. We will listen to music from circles and artists such as MOSAIC.WAV, IOSYS, Confetto, MMBK.COM, ちぃむdmp☆ and ポヤッチオ.

Tags: Indie, electronic, denpa, moe

2. Live mixed hard dance set

Do you feel like listening to some live mixed hard dance, hard trance and hard house?
I can promise a really epic show with some of my favorite tracks spanning over 10 years!

Tags: Hard dance, hard trance, hard house

3. IOSYS artist review

Brace yourself for a very different and varied show.
IOSYS is a doujin (indie) music circle from Japan, led by ARM.
Thanks to its diverse lineup of members and guests on their albums they have released music that covers most big genres.
Opera, drum and bass, hardcore, denpa, house, rock, metal, soul, pop, rap, you name it.

We will listen to some good, and some maybe not so good songs in an effort to discover at least a fraction of their different sounds :)

Tags: Indie, electronic, opera, hardcore, denpa, rock, pop, rap

You have until next thursday to vote, that's when the poll will close and a tracklist for the show will be decided.
Theme for next week
Denpa (0%, 0 votes)
Live mixed hard dance set (55%, 6 votes)
IOSYS artist review (45%, 5 votes)
Total votes: 11
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Posted on February 20th, 2016

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