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Rock of the Year: 2015 Recap

Traditionally on the 30th we aired with Rock of the Year. See inside for a recap of the year!

We went over the music released and real life events taking place in the year 2015. Here's a short recap of what was featured in the show for each month.

  • In music:
    • Papa Roach released a new album "F.E.A.R."
    • The band Venom released an album.
  • In music:
    • Scorpions released their 18th album "Return To Forever".
    • 36 Crazyfists released an album.
  • In real life:
    • Germanwings plane brought down in French alps by a pilot who committed a suicide.
  • In music:
    • The band Europe released an album "The War of Kings", which is their 10th album.
    • Moonspell released an album "Extinct".
    • Nightwish released their 8th studio album "Endless Forms, Most Beautiful".
    • Three Days Grace released their 5th album called "Human".
  • In real life:
    • 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal, killing over 9,000 people.
  • In music:
    • Stone Sour released an EP called "Meanwhile in Burbank".
    • Apocalyptica released their 8th album called "Shadowmaker".
  • In real life:
    • Another 7.3 magnitude earthquake in Nepal, killing 218 people.
  • In music:
    • Whitesnake released "The Purple Album", which is their 12th album thus far.
    • Faith No More also released an album.
    • Helloween released an album called "The God Given Right".
  • In real life:
    • FIFA president got accused of corruption and made an announcement that he'd be resigning.
  • In music:
    • Breaking Benjamin released an album called "Dark Before Dawn".
    • Paradise Lost released an album.
  • In real life:
    • NASA's important announcement: New Horizons spacecraft approached Pluto and took some very nice photos.
    • Greek economic crisis was at its highest point when they failed to pay a dept back to IMF.
    • Cuba's and USA's diplomatic relations improved after many years of no relations at all.
  • In music:
    • Joe Satriani released an album "Shockwave Supernova".
    • Symphony X released an album "Underworld".
    • Orchid released an EP called "Sign of the Witch".
  • In music:
    • Fear Factory released their 9th album "Genexus".
    • Disturbed released their album "Immortalized" after coming back from a 4-year hiatus.
    • P.O.D. released an album "The Awakening".
    • Soilwork released an album "The Ride Majestic".
    • Motörhead released "Bad Magic" album. That's the last album to feature Lemmy Kilmister.
  • In real life:
    • Liquid water found on Mars by NASA!
    • Volkswagen was caught with having sold cars with rigged emission control devices, affecting around 11 million vehicles.
  • In music:
    • Five Finger Death Punch released the album "Got Your Six".
    • Iron Maiden released the album "The Book of Souls".
    • Slayer released their 12th studio album "Repentless".
    • Bring Me The Horizon released an album called "That's The Spirit!"
    • Stratovarius released an album.
  • In real life:
    • Russian airplane shot down in Egypt, killing 224 people on board. Responsibility claimed by ISIS.
    • A 7.5 magnitude earthquake in the Hindu Kush region, killing nearly 400 people.
  • In music:
    • The Children of Bodom released an album called "I Worship Chaos".
    • Trivium released an album called "Silence in the Snow".
    • Def Leppard released an album of their own name, which is the 11th album in their list so far.
    • Eagles of Death Metal released an album called "Zipper Down".
  • In real life:
    • Paris terror attacks organized by ISIS, killing 130 people.
  • In music:
    • Stone Sour (again) released another EP.
    • Danzig released a covers album called "Skeletons".
  • In music:
    • The frontman of metal band Motörhead, Lemmy Kilmister passed away at the age of 70. Shortly after, the band announced they would no longer continue doing music.
    • Billboard released a list of most sold artists in 2015. At #1 we see AC/DC with "Rock or Bust" album. Runner-up is Nickelback with "No Fixed Address". The third place belongs to Foo Fighters with "Sonic Highways".

It was an eventful year with its positive and negative things happening. Afterall, I saw AC/DC live for the first time! Hopefully our rock lovers will be back for ROCK EXPLORER next year as well -- still on Wednesday and still at 19:00 CET!

Thanks for a nice year and keep on rocking! Happy New Year!

P.S. If you missed the show, you still have a chance to hear it again on Sunday, January 3rd at 15:00 CET.

Posted on December 30th, 2015

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