BAIT Radio has been put to sleep. Thank you for listening!
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BAIT Radio: The End

BAIT Radio: The End

It's been a great era, 10 years full of fun & entertainment. Thank you!

It is my sad duty to write this last article. Over the last weekend, we had a great party full of nostalgia, great memories and amazing music. We gathered to celebrate what we've managed to achieve in these 10 years. Contributing show hosts on Saturday & Sunday (in the order of airing; click on the icon to listen again):

But as all good things come to an end, so does BAIT Radio.

Thank You

There are a lot of people who deserve credit. First and foremost, of course, you - our loyal listeners! Without the listeners there would be no radio, no countless requests & shoutouts, no shows & events. We truly appreciate each and every one of you and we're happy to have been able to entertain you!

There are numerous people to thank from our crew:

  • SVNK (aka Avi). Thank you for being a great co-leader and support of the station for the past 4-5 years. Your dedication and responsibility are admirable and without your help we wouldn't have come this far.
  • Apoc. Thank you for being our longest serving presenter & show host. You were there when we started and you were the last to close our doors. Apoc also generously supported the station financially and thanks to that our station was online 24/7 for the past 10 years!
  • DrZizi. Thank you for being a background force on this station from day #1 until now. DrZizi took care of the official part (the license) and our streaming server. While he was not actively around, he still made it possible for us to continue throughout the years.
  • twisty. Thank you for your countless amount of shows and hours contributed to this radio station. The long-running TOP10 Show was a huge success and the most popular show on the station. Your personal shows had a special twist to them making it a unique experience. Your PR work, interviews with bands & articles about them were loved by everyone and we truly appreciate it!
  • Znurre. Thank you for being a technical support through creating and maintaining our IRC bot that was in use on a daily basis and without which our operation would be close to impossible. Your themed shows were always different and special, we're going to miss that!
  • Neur0. Thank you for being the first real Content Manager and co-leader of the project, helping with recruitment and general quality. Your Friday evenings ON-AIR cannot be forgotten.
  • ssmmdd (aka Smeed). Thank you for being the craziest presenter of them all and for the last few years a dedicated sponsor of our website hosting!

Click here to show/hide the full crew list.

Presenters' plans

Even though BAIT Radio has been closed, several crew members continue doing radio elsewhere. If you find that you want to check out their shows on a different station, then here are some useful links.


We would love it if you left your favourite memory of this station & community in the comments below. Tell us what will remind you of BAIT Radio and what you'll especially miss. Also vote in this last poll! Thank you, everyone!

BAIT Radio - Hooked On Music!

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Posted on October 15th, 2018

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Comments (7)
It's sad to know to BAIT is no more. Though I haven't been a listener for all 10 years, BAIT has still been a part of my life for so many years. But all things inevitably come to an end. And while it can be a sad occasion, it's not necessarily a bad thing - if things didn't end and change we would never evolve or move on to new experiences.

For what it's worth, I'm glad that BAIT chose to end with a party and a celebration of all that it was, rather than a slow decay into oblivion. It reminded us all of what a great 10 years it has been and what BAIT was all about, and allowed us to close out that chapter of our lives with a positive and memorable experience.

It's been a great ride, and I'm going to miss it. Not just the music and the shows, but the community as well.

For me, the community is what made it all matter. It's where a lot of my best memories of BAIT come from. It's where all the fun, joyful, sad and crazy moments took place. It's what made it feel like home throughout the years. Thank you to all the DJs and staff for making that possible and for being part of the community and driving it. Thank you to the entire community for making a welcoming, cozy and openminded place for all of us throughout the years.

As for the music and shows, it's the variety of music that I'll miss the most. Though not all of it was in my taste, the passion and knowledge of the DJs let me experience so much new music in the best of ways. It let me keep up with both classics and new music from so many genres - all without the hassles of commercial radio.

The memories are too many to count - so I won't even try. I could write so many words about it all and it would still not do it justice. I wish all of you the best in your future endeavors and hope to see at least some of you around on IRC from time to time.

Thank you to all the DJs, staff and listeners for an awesome time.

In the words of Douglas Adams: So long, and thanks for all the fish.
Sorry this took so long to write.
In the end it became a wall of text, so please bear with me

I first came in contact with BAIT (or CB Radio, at the time) through DJ Mauler who was active on the station at the time, doing weekly live mixed 2 hour uk hardcore shows.
Many of my fondest memories from the station come from this time. He had a small, but dedicated listener base, and his shows were always very user centered, with users being able to request almost anything from his playlist.
Even today, I still admire his ability of mixing up virtually anything live without messing up.

At first I only tuned in to his shows, but Decl was always very persuasive and managed to get me to tune in to his shows plenty of times even during this period
Years went by, and Mauler eventually stopped doing his shows. I kept getting more and more involved with the radio though, as a listener, tuning in to a variety of shows.
I remember tuning in to My-T-Sharp's show on new years's eve one year. He had sacrificed his new year's celebration in order to host a show on his slot.
Against all odds, we actually ended up a bunch of people tuned in. I remember ssmmdd and Michelle from the chat, for instance.
This was also the first time I called in to a show host, and it was great fun

I believe it was around the end of 2014 when Decl approached me, asking me if I would be interested in rewriting the IRC bot of the channel since the bot in use at the time had some severe performance issues, and the code was hard to maintain.
I accepted, and a few months later we had the first test run of the bot

Me and Decl had a lot of contact during this period, and one day he asked me if I wouldn't be interested in doing a show on the station.
The idea wasn't new to me actually, I had been thinking about it for years, and BAIT was my obvious first hand candidate.

I had my trial show at the end of October, and I can tell you it was one of the scariest things I've ever done.
The fear, while entirely irrational, had me stumbling for words even though I had written down the entire script for the show beforehand. I honestly thought I would faint

My first proper show aired in November that year.

Since then, we have been through a few ups and downs.
Some of my most memorable shows are actually my worst, quality wise.
I am talking about my random shows where anything could happen, where me and the listeners tried to triumph each other with silly requests.
Those shows always left me with a smile and a lot of positive energy at the end of the show.

Doing my shows has allowed me to grow as a person, and also to improve my radio presenting skills.
Listening back to old episodes of Theme Park, I realize just how lackluster in quality they were compared to my latest episodes.
Seeing that progress, it feels a bit sad that this will be the end of radio presenting for me.

It should be no secret to anyone that I was suffering from a lack of motivation in the end, and I felt like I was done with radio.
Even so, when Apoc did his last show here on BAIT and I realized that... this is it, after this show there will be no more AutoDJ, no more BAIT... then my first reaction was "what have we done?".
With BAIT closing down, it's the end of a chapter in my life. It's been a big part of my life these past 8 years, directly and indirectly.
Doing shows, chatting with the listeners and crew, working on the bot, listening to shows.

I realize I never thanked Decl properly on air for all he has done for me, for the rest of the crew and for the station.
As others have mentioned, you will be hard pressed to find such a dedicated person with such a passion for what he does.
It might not always be visible to the listeners, but he has been doing a hell of a job behind the scenes.
Working on the homepage, nagging others about scheduling their shows and organizing stuff together with SVNK to name a few.

Same goes for SVNK. He has always been there for the station, working on content, supporting Decl and solving issues in general.
These 2 people have been doing a tremendous job working on the station until the very end.

Thank you so much for all you have done for the station, and for giving me the opportunity to do my shows there.

That was all for me.

Will I be doing radio in the future again? I don't know.

If you want to keep up to date with what I am doing, I suggest you to follow me on Twitter (@znurree).

I also have a bunch of playlists on Spotify which I keep up to date, so if you use Spotify and want to have some fresh music recommendations, make sure to follow me there as well and check out my playlists (znurre)

Should you want to listen back to some of the best Theme Park shows, you can do so on my Mixcloud (znurre).

Of course I will also be available on IRC as usual (Znurre on Quakenet).

I also use Matrix, so if you wanna use that to keep in touch, add me (

Take care everyone, and thank you for all this time!
Thank you all!
Hey! It is now possible to listen back to each set of the 10 Year party by pressing the "play" button after each DJ's name Enjoy!
Well where do i start, from the beginning would prolly help so here goes....

When we started this little project i never thought after Clanbase we would continue for so long and we defied the odds and came out strong in the end, i have had the pleasure to work with the likes of ssmmdd and Neur0 on a friday night as well as a host of other DJ's over the 10 years, special thanks to twisty for massive support as well as Avi Znurre Bober Thomas for great shows during our last few years online, they have been great to say the least.

Decl has and always will be a massive inspiration not only for me but for all people who contribute to online radio shows and shoutcasting for online gaming and i hope you continue to do so in the future.

Drzizi for continued support 10 years

Last but not least to all our dedecated listeners (to many to name but you know who you are)who have followed us for so many years, tuning into shows, making requests making the IRC channel a great place to chat and talk and joining in on the fun days and quizzes we hosted, and top of the list a massive thanks to those who made contrubutions towards our radio to keep it going for so long, without this we could not have gone on for so long(and kept me in beer) lol joking

It was a geat weekend to end Bait radio on and i admit i did have a tear in my eye on my last show and i would not hesitate to do it all again for another 10 years but all good things do come to and end and what a great ending it was.

DJ Apoc saying thank you to all and for everything it was amazing.
Thanks for the shows throughout the years. Time flies when you have fun.

I've been on and off listening shows and sometimes forgetting them but in the end one constant thing that was out there was the radio. And the shows. I've enjoyed every show i listened and i got ton of music on my playlists & bookmarks thanks to the active crew you guys had here.

There's so many things i could mention here about the moments i remember.

I remember the call in's on people's shows. I remember twisty's first show and unfortunately i never got to hear her last show. Twisty's creation top10 was awesome thing. Twisty also had lot of funny interesting moments where things just went wrong and i had a great time because of it. Not because she messed things up or things broke but because her reaction was always so pure and it

I remember when i called in on Michelle's show first time and i jokingly had told her that i'm gonna use the funny voice with my headset and she told me not to do that. And when we spoke onair, after the show she told me she thought i was using it... well joke was on her, i wasn't

Snoxy and SVNK brought me a lot of joy in trance and house. I truly enjoyed to have a source for new music eventhough i missed a lot of shows too.

I will be sure to try to remember the shows on other stations Avi

Thomas. Thank you for the lot of entertainment on your shows. I always enjoyed listening the soothing tracks and presentation.

Bober, emonk & Znurre. I also liked your shows. Bober played some interesting tunes and had nice shows.Emonk had nice show, unfortunately i missed most of them but i was there for the last one. Znurre also had awesome themed shows which i enjoyed a lot. Also next time Znurre you're on Finland you should hit me and Esko up again.

I enjoyed Apoc's shows too. It was awesome to hear his show one more time. He truly is one of the most entertaining people i've heard. Always quick wit and word ready in any situation.

I remember smeed's crazy shows... oh the funny times when he even took a webcam for the show and we got to watch his pet go around the room.

I will not forget Neur0's shows either. He always had specific way to start the show and i remember my friend Hel_len loving his shows a lot. I miss those times.

I also wont forget Dizzyvix and her cartoon themed shows. Those were quite original. I also will remember Grumbleduck as she had pretty strong fanbase who listened her shows.

And then there's Mr. Decl. I've known you for a long... loong time. And while this is end of an era. It's not end for Deejay Decl. I hope you will find new home in the station you are at and if not, then i hope you find it soon. We all know that you love to do shows.

That became quite a big text and i'm not even done. There's a question that needs answering so here it is:

What will remind me of BAIT Radio?

If nothing else, the two tea cups i won from contests. Where i gave other to my brother. And actually as of typing this.. i'm drinking tea from it

Thankyou for the memories and the funny moments. It's sad to see the radio go but life goes on and people move on. May you all find the success you all deserve in life and in music one way or another.

Sincerely, since day 1, Banez.
Decl, I don't know where to start...
I'm sure that for you, someone who's been here from the start, it's even harder than it is for me already. I want to thank you for everything you have done for me! Be it support with radio related stuff or help with private issues - you have never let me down! I have hardly ever seen someone who has run a project with the passion you have run this station with. I am very happy you and the station gave me the chance to fullfill my dream of "making online radio" happen, without BAIT Radio/CB Radio I wouldn't be where I am right now. I feel honoured being named in the news item and I want to thank you, aswell as all the other people I have worked with during my time on the radio! I am proud that I have been part of this project and I will never forget where I started, wherever my own DJ career takes me.
I will make sure to follow you and tune in to your further radio shows.

Thank you, Decl, thank you everyone involved <3
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