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Episode #33: Theme Park (Orig. 10/12/2015)

If old Theme Park shows is your thing, then prepare to get your fix this Sunday when the 6th episode of Theme Park hits the airwaves on Blast From The Past!
This episode is filled with music from another theme voted forth by the listeners, namely "demoscene music".

What is "demoscene music", you might ask.
Well, make sure to tune in and you might get your answer!

  1. zabutom - The legend of Zeta Force
  2. 4-mat - 4-mat's Madness
  3. virt - Plasmatextor (Request by Lesqx)
  4. Malmen - Sugar Flow
  5. Andreas Waldetoft - The Stonemasons (Request by Nattfare)
  6. irvin - synthematik revisited
  7. Phobic - Poro
  8. Dubmood - 3D Galaxy (Ben Daglish)
  9. Chimeric - Tortured Easter Egg
  10. joule & obbe - Princess Levitation
  11. Saga Musix - Arrival
  12. 多田葵 - Brave Song (Request by Lesqx)
  13. maf - Aspartame rmx
  14. Dubmood - Monkey Island (Request by Nattfare)
  15. Captain - Beyond Music
  16. Dualtrax - The Travel to Orion
  17. Malmen - Vic Formation
  18. zabutom - Techno Boss
  19. Wiedźmin OST - Believe (Request by Nattfare)
  20. virt - Blast Off Forever
  21. Dreamweaver - A King Is Born
  22. Christopher Tin - Baba Yetu (feat. Soweto Gospel Choir) (Request by Nattfare)
  23. maf - mafland
  24. Captain - Spacedebris
Posted on August 29th, 2018

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