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Episode #30: Rock Explorer (Orig. 10/09/2014)

We're at the 30th edition of Blast From The Past and this time round we take a look at Rock Explorer from early September 2014 when we reviewed the Swedish indie/garage rock band Mando Diao.

Mando Diao was formed in 1999 and gained its first international success in 2002. By the time this show aired, they had released a total of 7 studio albums. On the show, we reviewed most of their albums and played songs from some of those:

  • Bring 'Em In (2002)
  • Hurricane Bar (2004)
  • Ode to Ochrasy (2006)
  • Never Seen the Light of Day (2007)
  • Give Me Fire! (2009)
  • Infruset (2012)
  • Ælita (2014)

Today, they've already released their 8th studio album ("Good Times", 2017).

One of their albums (Infruset) was released in their home language, Swedish, and became their most successful album in Sweden.

Mando Diao has the biggest following in Germany, Japan and Sweden.

Trivia: the band got its name from a founding member Björn Dixgård seeing a dream, in which a man approached him and shouted "Mando Diao!". The meaning is still unknown to me (and others).

Tune in this Sunday (August 12th) at 19:00 CET to hear that episode again!

Listeners who were around during the original show air time: BEER|ZeriouS, Hanter, SVNK, slain, Bober, Drakir, Thomas.

Posted on August 8th, 2018

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