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Episode #24: Theme Park (Orig. 03/12/2015)

Another week, another episode of Blast From The Past!
The turn has come yet again for a dose of Theme Park, this time stuffed full of energetic and high octane music in the form of a live mixed uk hardcore set.

This was my first ever live mixed uk hardcore set, and I dare say it's also one of my better.
Have a listen for yourself and see if you agree with me!

  1. No Sweat vs. Joey Riot feat. MC Obie - The High Grade
  2. Brisk & Ham - Daybreaker
  3. Gammer - Happy Hardhouse
  4. Kevin Energy, K Complex & Sharkey - Anna (Cube::Hard Remix)
  5. InEffect & Miss Special K ft Andy L - Outerlimits
  6. Ham & DNA - About You 2009
  7. Marc Smith & Darwin - Let The Bass Kick
  8. DJ Stormtrooper feat MC Knight - Hardcore Raver
  9. Al Storm & Euphony feat Dannielle - Long Time (Cube::Hard Mix)
  10. K Complex - Cyberspace (Endemic Remix)
  11. Seduction & Gammer - Bright Star
  12. Dougal & Gammer - Brainstorm
  13. Hattrixx Mertype - A Lifetime Of Wickedness (COH Mix)
  14. Cube::Hard - Music Of The Primes
  15. CLSM and Cube::Hard - See You On The Other Side (2005 Original)
  16. Orbit1 - Orbit2000
  17. Stormtrooper - Adrenaline Rush
  18. Brisk & Vagabond - Mental Mission
  19. Gavin G - Hell With Hardcore
  20. Technikore & MC Static - Blackout (Request by Esko)
  21. JAKAZiD - Make It Werk (Request by malmen)
  22. Double Dutch - Worlds Collide (Brisk & Fracus Mix) (Request by Esko)
  23. Gammer - Got Ya
  24. Heaven 7 - Kontakt DJ (Request by malmen)
  25. Euphoria - Holding Out (Request by Esko)
  26. Gavin G - Romper
  27. SMS - Colours (CLSM Hardscape Remix)
  28. Marc Smith - Boom & Pow 2013
  29. Dougal & Gammer - Don't Leave Me (Request by Lesqx)
  30. Dowster & Vagabond feat Amy - Imagination
Posted on June 20th, 2018

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