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Track List - 23 MAY 2018 - Show #144 - The final show..

Look here to see the track list for my final show (#144), Underneath the Sycamore - 23 MAY 2018

It's been a great honour and privelage to have presented music to all you lovely listeners of this great community, over the last 4 years. I will miss it very much, but all good things do come to an end :(. Never fear - I will stick around in the community, and look forward very much to listening in to the other fantastic DJs at this station!

Thank you kindly to everyone who tuned in and joined the BAIT Radio chat room - you know who you are! ;) Banez, Znurre, twisty, LeoPanda, Kate, FoXii, Merson, Decl, paulesco, SVNK and ImperatorVader!

Indie / Alt / Rock
Chilled Indie / Alt Material
Calm / Ambient / Trip Hop
Electro / Synth
# No Artist Album Title
1 Doves The Last Broadcast Satellites
2 Motorama Alps Alps
3 Interpol Antics Take You On A Cruise
4 CHVRCHES Every Open Eye Down Side of Me
5 Late Night Alumni Haunted Epilogue
6 Twin Oaks The Lion's Den Find A Way
7 The Coral Magic & Medicine Pass It On
8 Idlewild A Distant History - Rarities 1997-2007 The Nothing I Know
9 Röyksopp feat. Man Without Country The Inevitable End Sordid Affair
10 Archive Restriction Greater Goodbye
11 Alexander Wolfe From the Shallows Into the Deep
12 Death Cab for Cutie Transatlanticism We Looked Like Giants
13 Breanne Düren Breanne Düren Speak
14 Kent Isola 747
15 Beach House Bloom Myth
16 Radiohead OK Computer Let Down
17 Elbow Asleep In The Back Powder Blue
18 Muse The 2nd Law (Deluxe Edition) Panic Station
19 Morcheeba The Antidote God Bless And Goodbye
20 Owl City Maybe I'm Dreaming West Coast Friendship
21 The Postal Service Give Up (Deluxe Edition) Sleeping In
22 Coldplay Parachutes Trouble
23 Chris Walla Field Manual It's Unsustainable
24 Keane Hopes and Fears Bedshaped
25 Death Cab for Cutie Transatlanticism Tiny Vessels
26 Death Cab for Cutie Plans What Sarah Said
Posted on May 23rd, 2018

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Thanks Thomas
Thanks for everything man
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With a name inspired by walking through the autumn countryside, Underneath the Sycamore generally represents artists that express themselves through calm and introspective music.

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