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Calvin Harris feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR – Nuh Ready Nuh Ready

Scottish electronic dance producer and DJ Calvin Harris promised fans "a whole new experience" with his PARTYNEXTDOOR collaboration, and the king of dance-pop crossover has certainly delivered.

"Nuh Ready Nuh Ready" isn't a Funk Wav and it's not a shining Rihanna joint. It wasn't acceptable in the '80s, and it's not a "Flashback." It's a new sound with a classic '90s-house twist. PARTYNEXTDOOR plays the modern favorite with an island-tinged accent over a Caribbean-kissed rhythm, while bright horns burst over the dark background beat. The official video is trippy and strange, not unlike things you may have seen on a Spencer's blacklight poster in the early 2000s, and it heavily features the singer, twisting around in green-screen insanity. -billboard
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