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Owl City – Lucid Dream

Owl City is releasing a new 18 (yes - EIGHTEEN) track album called Cinematic! It comes out on June 1st 2018. Leading up to this date, he has released a number of singles that will be featuring on there.

Lucid Dream is a beautiful song that perfectly balances his older and newer style of producing music. Atmospheric, introspective, techno sythed and variety in tempo. Everything that makes an Owl City song fantastic.
Additional information
  • Album - Cinematic
  • Year - 2018
Official video

Comments (6)
Hah Znurre his singing style in that Humbug song actually reminds me a little of Michael Buble. I liked it a lot, thanks!
Yep thats owl city
To me it actually sounds like the "good-old" Owl City That song is now available on the autodj!
Thomas Actually, if you haven't seen it already, check out this one instead
Imo this is way more true to the Owl City sound I love, although the lyrics are on the silly side.
Thomas I actually had this one in my release radar on Spotify some week(s) ago. While it's sooo much better than anything on his Mobile Orchestra album imo, it's still not nearly on par with his older productions. It sounds so commercial At least the lyrics feel very much like his older stuff
Znurre - I reckon you will like this one
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