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Which rock or metal bands are described in pictures?

Look at the hand-drawn pictures below and see if you're able to recognize these rock or metal bands. As a hint: all of these have been featured in Rock Explorer at one point and can be found in Decl's playlist.

To participate, send a PM (private message) to Decl either via our Chatroom or Shoutout, indicating the image number and the correct answer. You can guess for as many times as you want - but only the latest answers will count! The first person to guess most images correctly will be the winner!

Also check out the GIFTPACK that we're giving away!

The contest is over! The winners and the correct answers can be seen below.


  • 6 correct answers: Banez

Other participants

  • 5 correct answers: K2tlin, Lovely
  • 4 correct answers: DJ seven K, twisty, Znurre
  • 3 correct answers: Shane
  • 2 correct answers: emonk, Enya

#1 - Correct answer: Arctic Monkeys

#2 - Correct answer: The Rolling Stones

#3 - Correct answer: Finger Eleven

#4 - Correct answer: Alice In Chains

#5 - Correct answer: Five Finger Death Punch

#6 - Correct answer: The Dead Daisies

Gift pack

Winner of the contest will receive the following gift pack:

  • BAIT Radio mug (See image here)
  • BAIT Radio mousepad (See image here)
  • Winner Choice of one of the CDs below:
    • Disturbed, Immortalized [Deluxe Edition] [CD], 2015
    • Five Finger Death Punch, Got Your Six [CD], 2015
    • Theory of a Deadman, Scars & Souvenirs [CD], 2009

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