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Theme Park is a show with the purpose of entertaining the listener with great music that would otherwise remain largely unknown to most listeners. Each show has its own theme, voted forth by the listeners. While the most part of the show will be prepared beforehand, requests are very welcome, regardless of genre.
Another Theme Park show has come to an end, and this time around the show took the shape of a 180 BPM live mixed uk hardcore/freeform mix.
We had plenty of activity in the chat, which was fun, and reflected the high intensity of the mixing.

01. No Sweat vs. Joey Riot feat. MC Obie - The High Grade
02. Brisk & Ham - Daybreaker
03. Weaver & AMS - Kick N Loud
04. Gammer - Got Ya
05. Scott Brown - Hardcore Hustler (Dj Weaver Remix)
06. Darwin & In Effect - Exicute
07. No-Sweat & Co-Cane - Wild Thing
08. Orbit1 - Jitter 0.5
09. Impact - Sound System Banga
10. Heaven 7 - Dance With Me
11. Marc Smith & Darwin - Let The Bass Kick
12. Euphoria - Holding Out
13. K-Complex & Mark Ashley - Atomic Orbital feat. 2LS (Kevin Energy Remix)
14. Sharkey - Product Of Society (Fracus & Darwin Remix)
15. Al Storm & Euphony - The Outer Limits (Orbit1 Remix)
16. Dougal & Gammer feat Jenna - Heaven On Earth
17. Stormtrooper - Universal Family
18. Ham & DNA - About You 2009
19. Dougal & Joey Riot - Praise You

People in the chat: CoD|avi, slaeshjag, paulesco, MePH, EricHogue, Kwarf, Maverick and Bober

If you missed the show you can catch the replay on Wednesday at 18:00!
Read more | Posted on August 27th, 2018
My first real show here in about half a year or so.
We listened to some new and fresh metal, mainly with focus on symphonic and progressive metal, but that didn't stop us from playing a few good older favorites from past shows as well.

The highlight of the evening was 3 really unknown bands, not only to the radio, but also in general.
Scardust from Israel, Ostura from Lebanon and Alcyona from Belarus.

The show ended with a really cheesy track, thanks to a challenge from Everie.

01. Alcyona - Enchantment
02. Ostura - Beyond (The New World)
03. DGM - Portrait
04. Michael Romeo - Believe
05. Symphony X - Nevermore
06. Crimfall - The Last of Stands
07. Metallica - For Whom The Bell Tolls (Request by paulesco)
08. Ostura - Darker Shade Of Black
09. Scardust - Sands of Time
10. Nightwish - Escapist
11. Alcyona - The Lost Valley
12. Garbage - Milk (Request by paulesco)
13. Crimfall - Mother of Unbelievers
14. Ostura - Deathless
15. Alcyona - Dreamroad
16. Mandy Moore - Candy (Request by Everie)

People in the chat: CoD|avi, EricHogue, Decl, paulesco, Everie and slaeshjag

If you missed the show you can catch the replay next Wednesday at 18:00!
Also, next week I'll be doing a live mixed uk hardcore/freeform set so make sure to mark your calendars.
Read more | Posted on August 17th, 2018
01. brenn. - P I C C A S S O
02. The Tea Party - Temptation (Request by EricHogue)
03. Feeder - Sound of Birds
04. Jimmy Eat World - No Sensitivity (Request by CeeCee)
05. The Shins - Heartworms
06. Moon Safari - Mega Moon
07. Carter USM - The Only Living Boy In New Cross (Request by paulesco)
08. Roine Stolt - Dissonata
09. Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb (Request by paulesco)
10. Moon Safari - Sugar Band
Read more | Posted on November 12th, 2017
01. Epica - The Solace System
02. Æther Realm - The Chariot
03. Ozzy Osbourne - Bark At The Moon (Request by paulesco)
04. Subterranean Masquerade - Nomad
05. Cain's Offering - Morpheus In A Masquerade
06. Jimmy Eat World - Sweetness (Request by CeeCee)
07. Threshold - Lost in Translation
08. Headspace - Semaphore
09. Def Leppard - Animal (Request paulesco)
Read more | Posted on November 5th, 2017
01. Barock Project - Happy to See You
02. Moon Safari - We Spin the World
03. RPWL - Silenced
04. Pink Floyd - Coming Back To Life (Request by paulesco)
05. Moon Safari - Bluebells
06. Spooky Tooth - I Am The Walrus (Request by paulesco)
07. RPWL - Where Can I Go?
08. Stillwater - Fever Dog (Request by paulesco)
09. For All We Know - Let Me Fly
10. DGM - Animal (Request by Decl)
11. Epica - Universal Death Squad
12. Subterranean Masquerade - Ways
13. Threshold - Trust the Process
14. Machinae Supremacy - Renegades (Request by EricHogue)
Read more | Posted on September 28th, 2017

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