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Track List - 02 FEB 2017 - Show #106

Look here to see the track list for my show #106, Underneath the Sycamore - 02 FEB 2017

In the form: Artist [Album] - Song Title

Basshunter [LOL] - Utan Stjärnorna
Asian Kung-Fu Generation [Sol-Fa] - Sairen
Red Hot Chilli Peppers [By The Way] - Minor thing
Idlewild [The Remote Part] - You Held The World In Your Arms
The Dandy Warhols [Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia] - Bohemian Like You
Interpol [Antics] - Evil
Smashing Pumpkins [Siamese Dream] - Cherub Rock
Evanescence [Fallen] - Bring Me To Life
Bowling For Soup [Drunk Enough To Dance] - Girl All the Bad Guys Want
Travis [The Invisible Band] - Sing
R.E.M. [Out of Time] - Losing My Religion
Snow Patrol [Final Straw] - Run
Blink-182 [Blink-182] - I Miss You
Owl City [Ocean Eyes] - Fireflies
Death Cab for Cutie [Plans] - I Will Follow You into the Dark
Feeder [Pushing The Senses] - Tender
Oasis [Don't Believe the Truth] - The Importance of Being Idle
Grandaddy [The Sophtware Slump] - The Crystal Lake
The Strokes [Is This It] - New York City Cops
Doves [Some Cities] - Black and White Town
Coldplay [Parachutes] - Trouble
Posted on February 6th, 2017

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With a name inspired by walking through the autumn countryside, Underneath the Sycamore generally represents artists that express themselves through calm and introspective music.

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